I am a process artist/researcher/writer interested in problem solving for powerful connectivity. My creative practice arises from my relationship with the natural world and to the seen and unseen worlds among which I am privileged to dwell. Wherever I have lived, I have always felt a strong love for the land and it’s history. As a priestess of ritual and ceremony I  step through portals into inquiry, devotion and reverence.

My place-based work is expressed through visual, tactile and performative artmaking weaving through and between the conscious and unconscious realms. I work with form, movement, sound, time and space often ephemerally in liminal borderspaces wherein the art becomes a temporary expression of fragility in the time/space continuum. Community and collaborative performance art has been a strong thread in my practice for the last ten years. My  curiosity about co-relationality is an essential theme in my process as the art emerges through connection with an-other being or thing in community of interest.

My work has been installed and exhibited at Artscape Gibraltar Point, Toronto Islands, Ontario; at the Comox Valley Art Gallery in Courtenay BC; Corre Alice Gallery, Cumberland, BC; North Island College; and local coffee houses in the Comox Valley.

I am a co-founding member of Gestare Art Collective with whom my co-writing has been published in MIRCI Journal Spring/Summer 2011 'Gestating Art in the Matrixial Labyrinth'; Liminal Spaces and Call for Praxising a volume in Curriculum Pedagogy 2013 'The Nap-in as a Matrixial Curricular Intervention'; and Creating Together, 2015 'Wombwalks: Re-attuning with the m/Other'. 

I am deeply grateful to the many beings human and mysterious whose love and attention has helped me navigate my way through these many decades of living and loving and who continue to walk alongside me.

Without relationships life is nothing.

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