Cross-disciplinary multi-media visual and performance artist, researcher and community advocate, Medwyn McConachy was born in London England on the front edge of the postwar baby boom arriving one week after the armistice of 1945. She grew up in postwar Britain, received her education in the British school system and left England at the age of twenty-one to find a different life in Canada.

Her career led her through municipal government, international development and finally in the wake of breast cancer into the healing arts which in turn led her to visual and performance art. In 2009 she co-founded the Gestare Art Collective of which she is still a member. As spiritual feminist artists/researchers/educators Gestare members collaborate and co-create visual and performative art events together at distance, gathering in person at annual artists residencies, and sharing their work digitally through their interactive website.

Medwyn’s multi-disciplinary artmaking expresses through form, movement, sound, time and space often ephemerally in liminal borderspaces wherein the art becomes a temporary expression of fragility in the time/space continuum. Medwyn’s intense curiosity about co-relationality is an essential theme in her process as the art emerges through connection with an-other being or thing in community of interest.

Medwyn’s work has been installed and exhibited at Artscape Gibraltar Point, Toronto Islands, Ontario; and in Courtenay BC at the Comox Valley Art Gallery; North Island College Art Events; Zocalo’s Gallery and Café; Comox Valley Community Arts Council gallery at Red Tree Specialty Coffee and in her home community gallery, Creekside Commons Co-housing.

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