Dreaming the Land  September 2015

To celebrate the turning of my seventh decade, I embarked on a journey long desired, to walk the sacred pathways of my ancestors. The way began in Snowdonia, Wales in the good company of Eric Maddern a mystic/storyteller/ecowarrior called to this place to create a rustic sanctuary he named Cae Mabon, and Angharad Wynne storyteller/adventurer/welsh mythology enthusiast. Opening to the land and the beings of the land, I in the good company of eight others, meandered o’er vale and hill visiting with the old ones in tomb, circle and standing stone. Messages flowed from the stones, rivers, ancient landscape allowing us to believe, even for a moment, that we were indeed reweaving the fabric of stories gleaned through the ages from our ancestors.

Mount Snowdon reflected in Padarn Lake - from the bridge Llanberis

Echoing the songline tradition of Australia, our journey followed the Druid's pathway with daily excursion from our base in Llanberis through the mountains to the Isle of Mona Ynys Mon (now known as Anglesey) the pre-Roman centre of Druidry in Wales. Along the way Eric and Angharad shared the stories of the Celtic peoples of this land, our bodies resonated with the echoes in these hills as we sang and wrote our way past stone fort, circle and menhir.

Our Druid's circle ceremony drew forth the song of the stones.

It’s been a long time but we are still here
from dawn till dusk from dusk till dawn from life to death from death to life
the seat of power on the brow of the hill
I am the gatekeeper I am the blending of cultures
the memory of rock lasts beyond all ages
in unison I stand connecting you all
your steps are supported
and we your ancestors love you beyond all reason be at peace

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